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Autor: FDM_Gooseman Verfasst am 30. 03. 2018
Welcome to the new/old home of the > FDM < FREEDOMCLAN
After a long absence of clan life we have decided the old clan
to revive.
At the time we play again relatively regularly various online games in small
occupation of the old Freedomclans together.
Active played offensive, as well as PUBG or also PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is global to the time CSGO better known as counter strike. Formerly active played
games such as WOT so of warships are world of tanks, as well as WOWS World still
on our computers and are sporadically played as also Battlefiled 4
new battlefield 1
we invite all old A members to actively participate in the gameplay and
and also new members recruit.
Because too few master players available in the moment we accept sadly
Clanwars at for example WOT part. But what is not yet, can still be.
As we pleased that now our children in the age of online Spielefähige have come and on PS4 and PC in the game Fortnite/Battle Royal at our
page are.
You all have fun on our site!

> FDM < speedy

thank you for the support in the codes as well as the layout of the present as well as the following changes to our homepage at www.ilch.de and their members,
bi pulse Creativwerkstatt www.bipulse.de and the media agency www.Ginster-media.de.